Blog 18 Finalising details before moving on to the next stage

Over the weekend I received a response to my last post from Gregg Mattson. His thoughts and points were well thought through and built on the framework I had developed. It is good to have that kind of thinking assisting me. Gregg clearly understands how to create websites that maintain the visitor’s interest and keeps them clicking through for more. I had an understanding of that but his deeper knowledge has been extremely helpful. The other value his input has added is his understanding of what the term self publishing means.

Blog 17 Anger - a motivator and thought clarifier

Oh yes, it’s amazing what a motivating emotion anger is.

On Thursday morning, after looking at all the ideas and concepts swirling around in my brain, on my desk and in my ears, I found myself getting really angry.

Why wasn’t this thing coming together? Why couldn’t other people see my vision? Why couldn’t they pick up on my commitment and understand what was driving me? Why wasn’t the whole damned thing happening?

Blog 16 Massively exciting potential

Over Easter I finished reading The Long Tail by Chris Anderson. It’s been inspirational because I realised that if I want this business to work there are things I can do that I have not thought about. I must also acknowledge comment I got from Lucas who has a strong technology background as does Gregg Mattson a writer I met through LinkdIn. Gregg produced his book using Smashwords, an epublishing self publishing site.


Blog 15 The long Tail

The Long Tail is the title of an amazing book Mike lent me. I know many people have read it because it’s been recommended a couple of times…one of those ‘I’ve been meaning to’ situations. Sometimes things come into our hands at just the right time and they ignite a spark inside that sets a flame burning. This book has done that for me. For those who don’t know, ‘The Long Tail’ is about the change in the market place that has been brought about as the supply of goods to consumers has increased as delivery mechanisms have become more efficient.

Blog 14 I've been thinking and re thinking

I always set out to establish a business that would be helpful to writers by providing continuous feedback and ultimately a track to publication. That would involve us working with the writers to get their work up to a stage where we were comfortable to publish but publish nonetheless.

Blog 13 Clarity at last

Wow I can’t believe that I have been through what feels like a mental mincer as I’ve had to review all my original ideas and preconceptions. The grinder has however, ground out a new concept which I think is superior to my original idea. We’ll see  what Mike thinks on Monday





From Suraya Dewing


I have now developed a persona for my writer and from that a business model. I’ve surveyed 33 writers. Half of the respondents were from New Zealand; the other half from around the world.



Blog 13 Oh for clarity, my kingdom for clarity

I started this exercise with a business plan and absolute certainty about my business concept. That is the way I like things…everything neat and clear. For example when I’m writing I hate the first and second drafts…they’re always rubbish. Then I give myself some space and thinking time and the real story emerges from the rubble. I rewrite and rewrite and by the time I’ve finished I’m happy. But that terrible moment when the perfection I thought I had turns out to be an illusion is like being put in a dark room and told to find the doors.

I feel like I’m in that room right now.

Blog 12 Wow what now

The survey results are pretty much all in.

I’m meeting a writer today in Kingsland, she’s an established writer and I’ll be interested in her thoughts as I expect she will have a fairly good overview of the writing scene in NZ. I have another meeting on Thursday with a class mate from my Master of Creative Writing course at Auckland University. She is still working on her manuscript. Again I’ll be interested in her comments on her journey.


Blog 11

It’s stating the obvious when I say it’s been almost a week since I last posted anything on my blog.


That’s because it’s been a weird week and I’ve needed time to think about what I wanted to write.  So here goes and please bear with me as I appear to meander away from the stated intent of this blog – that is to record my experiences as I move toward launching the project I’m working on. You will see the relevance as we go.


Blog 10 Delete button disabled (-:

It’s 8pm and my day started at 5am so this is going to be one very quick blog.

However, I want to keep up-dating the blog because I am now convinced that in a year’s time I will be amazed by the progress we have made this year. In a few weeks the progress has been phenomenal.


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