Book Review Everyone Has a Story, Kalli Deschamps

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Book Review Everyone Has a Story, Kalli Deschamps

I have just finished reading a delightful collection of stories. What makes them so unique is their source. Each story is divided into eleven parts and takes the form of a serial. The first writer introduces the subject. The second writer has five hundred words to begin the action. Each subsequent writer picks up the story and has five hundred words to give it his or her own twist.
The serials are well written with a beginning, middle and ending; complete as though written by one author. I do, however, think I liked the The Choir the best. There was hilarious interaction between characters and much action, car wreck, lousy weather, etc, as the story progressed.
The anthology contains ten serials and one story written by a single author. The authors live all over the world and represent a variety of nationalities.  Anyone looking for a beautiful, well written, entertaining piece of literature needs to own this anthology titled “EVERYONE HAS A STORY!”


Thanks for liking The Choir Kalli.  It is taken from my own experience in a choir as an inspiration.  It's entertaining and funny with that element of real life to make it believable.



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