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Character development

Is your character acting out of character?

New characters

How do you create your characters? Do they sprung fully formed from an idea or do you build them up bit-by-bit.


When I create a character they usually show up as a pretty basic character. Someone you would meet casually in any social situation. The most recent is a 16 year old boy from Ireland in the 1880's. I decide what this person's story will be. I always develop my opening scene and plot first. After that I do a full character outline on him/her. [There are some very good character outlines available and I would also be happy to make the ones I use available.] When I have done the character study I have a pretty good idea who the character is and how he will react in the story. I personally believe, the character should drive the story--not the story drive the character. An outline helps give your character a three dimensional feel and and look. It will also give you the reasons why he/she reacts the way they do. Therefore, giving consistancy and believability in the character. At the same time I am working on the character outline I am also creating my back story (the part that makes the person who they are, even though the reader may not know exactly what the back story is.) This is ver important because no character just walked into a scene and reacted. Something caused that reaction. My Irish character is reticent and angry, bitter and silent. He trusts few. He saw his innocent mother violently murdered. I would be all those things too, and more!

Characters usually come as

Characters usually come as voices for me. For unique ones I have to be like an actress and be them. It's why I love to write. :)

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