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Scene writing

Share your tips and experience with scene writing. 

Ever struggle...

to get the scene in your head translated into words? I drove past an accident scene yesterday and the view of the little girl lying dead in the street nearly broke me. The image is so vivid that I want to cry each time I think about it. I've thought of writing it as a scene in a story, but can't get past the feelings I experience each time I see that little broken body in my mind. So how do you translate feelings like that into a written piece?

It's difficult

When I witness something horrible or am a victim, the words to mimic the scene flow best when written in a poem. This works for me. If just writing out what you saw, I would start slowly. Don't start the scene at the accident, start the scene that leads up to the accident. It also helps to try and describe it to someone first. After you have told someone, the words you spoke may find their way to paper much easier. I am sorry you had to see that. I saw a dead body once and everytime I drive past the scene, I see him there. Hard to shake memories like that.

Best when vivid in the mind

Despite the emotion and obvious distress it is best to write everything down in note/list form if you cannot write without getting upset. Store the notes until you are ready to write the scene. Without notes to jog your memory, you may forget some of the small points that go to make the scene more realistic later on. The mind has a way of shutting out things we don't want to remember. Although it sounds goulish, the next time you go past the scene of the tragedy, take a couple of photo's. That will help remembering small points too.

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