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Site bugs, feedback & questions

Need technical help with The Story Mint site?  All questions answered.

Housekeeping: Typos, inconsistencies, etc

Typo in 'favorite author', in the thread about author interviews.


All fixed, thank you.

Public Opinion

Sumanda, you write...

"The idea is to have the critique requests locked to authors only (paid members), therefore the public opinion section for those who want a public opinion.

I understand you mean this to be a forum that is public, meaning that any opinion given will be open to all. However, the term 'public opinion' is generally understood to mean 'anyone's opinion', rather than ' opinions that are public' Hair splitting, perhaps; but to me the thread name implies a survey.


I'm stumped, could you please suggest a better name for the thread? :)

Orsen Wells - All Is Forgiven

Let's get it right and call it something no-one can dispute, considering readers and writers are from all over the world. How about - "Aliens Comment"?

Split Ends.

I haven't got much hair left but I found myself pulling out what I have left. I left 'Politically Correct" stuff and nonsense back in Whitehall eleven years ago. I think we all understand what was intended and after all the work that went into creating and writing this forum I vote the pros stays as is. - I know that what I just wrote is bad English/American/Australian/New Zealand but you can understand the message, yes? Cor blimey, mate, what a bleedin' two an' eight over a brace-a-birds.

Hi just noticed a typo in case you wish to take a look

Under Writer's Checklist, number 10 is missing a word in the italic area.


Typo, typo everywhere - Minty writer take a care.

I think the learning process is kicking in. We are starting to get into the habit of editing everything we read. It's a habit we should all get into. Practice makes perfect and in time who knows, the editors might be out of work - well, almost.

New Blog


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