How to use the Writers' Pad

The Writers’ Pad is a tool that lets you create and work on your writing wherever you are so long as you have an internet connection. You can store it against your password-protected profile and share those pieces with the world you want feedback on.

Remember to always place this symbol © on your writing.

You can:

  • Post your writing in our Forum (a link to your writers pad)
  • Announce it using your blog, which you can create as part of your profile on The Story Mint (coming soon)
  • Arrange for Suraya to announce it on her blog
  • Announce it through The Story Mint’s Twitter account, Linked In group and Facebook website.


You can either write single 'one-off' pieces or create a title and add chapters as you go. This is a lot like The Story Mint serials, but you are the only author.

While The Writers’ Pad is ideal for creative writers, it is also ideal for bloggers, newsletter and article writers. If you write, then you would find The Writers’ Pad useful. You can also put anything you write through Earnest.

‘I always put my blogs through Earnest before I publish them. It’s a great indicator of how well they are written and whether I need to do more editing before releasing them.’  Suraya.

Feel free to share your writing with your friends and encourage them to post comments and invite them to join The Story Mint as readers (it’s FREE).

To create a 'one-off' piece of writing

  1. Go to the Writers' Pad page and click the "Add new text" button.
  2. Give your writing a "Chapter title" (useful, as you add it to a 'Title' at a later stage if you wish).
  3. Add your writing and then save. 
  4. When you are ready for the world to see it, check the 'Publish' button and it will be live.


To create a 'Title' with multiple chapters

  1. Create a Title by going to the Writers' Pad page and clicking "Add a new title"
  2. Give it a title, genre and brief intro blurb 
  3. Save it.

Please note: A 'Title' will not appear on the website until it has 'Text' associated with it. A 'Title' cannot be used as a single piece of writing.

Follow the same steps to add writing as above but under "Work title" select the title you just created. You can also give it a chapter number

Once you have completed your writing, share the URL with your friends and start getting feedback on your writing.


In case you have trouble follow this step by step guide.

Steps for using the writers pad

  1. Click on writer’s pad and you will see ‘recently submitted’
  2. Click on button marked ‘add new title’ and you see two boxes
  3. Write title in first box
  4. Click on whatever genre in drop down box
  5. Write blurb in second box
  6. Tick ‘publish’ box then scroll down and tick’ saved
  7. A screen appears that says ‘post comment’
  8. Click on button marked ‘add new text’
  9. ‘Write a chapter’ appears so fill in or paste your work. Make sure you also write in the chapter heading in the box strip above the main box – ‘short story starter’ or whatever.
  10. Then tick ‘publish’
  11. Scroll down and ‘save’