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Personalised coaching

  • Our role is to work with you, coach and guide you with your writing so you can produce a quality piece of writing.
  • We will work with you on any piece of writing from a short story to chapters of a novel.
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  • Add the X-factor to your words
  • Stylefit, our unique technology, empowers you to become excellent written communicators
  • Write truly inspiring reports
  • Chat with like-minded people around the world
  • Have fun crafting words and publish only when you are ready
  • We build your readership by extensively promoting your writing across social media
  • We observe confidentiality at all times and you also retain the rights to your work

To join the Fun

Individual subscription:

  • 12 months, US$119
  • 6 months, US$70
  • 3 months, US$36


We consult to organisations using Stylefit. We assess internal and external communications,
advising on alignment of messages with organisational brand. We deliver an interim report
and a Handbook as part of our service.
These audits are arranged on a case by case basis.


  • Up to 5 members, US$495
  • Up to 20 members, US$1050

Contact us

If you would like to learn how we work with commercial businesses, schools and writers
email: Suraya Dewing, CEO, The Story Mint

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