This story was rejected by my publisher when I submitted it with my book of short stories, Voices. The book is due to come out soon.

I can see why it was rejected but need to analyse it further to get it to a point where it will make it into my next book of short stories.

So, decided I would work on this in the public eye so writers and readers can see just how much work I have to put in to get my writing to the point hwere my publisher gives it the ok.

The first things I notice is that I have fallen in love with the Queen Street scene with all the vaudeville characters.  I love the movement and their colour.

BUT I haven't really decided what this story is about. I have called it clocks and that is the right title but how do I tie in the concept of the main character being afraid of tolling clocks, the passing of time and the loss of his father. Why did his father leave him? What happened to him?

So I do really need to decided what this story is truly about.

I need thinking time to work on that. So I will go away and have a think.


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