Serials Galore

I have a habit of cruising through the serials every so often. Not just the current ones but the early ones too. Every time I find one or two serials that catch my eye and I turn to the beginning and read them through. What normally tweaks my interest is a writer who is a regular contributor. To read how far they have come when I read a later serial they have written a chapter for is astounding.

One piece of advice that all agents and publishers advise writers to do is put a piece of work away for a couple of months and then read it again and find all the little creative differences and typos you want to correct or change. With serial writing an author cannot do this. It really is a great testament to not only the Style Guide but also the author’s writing skills which improve each time they submit a chapter.

There are now 40 serials of which 15 are complete, 8 are being booked and 7 are on the go live. The completed serials alone amount to 82,500 words – the length of a good novel.

I have spent some time over the last year looking for similar sites and have yet to find one so diverse in genre and quality of material. We are unique in as much as offering serials to readers, written by ten authors at a time. In the last year we have attracted a wider audience and more writers, some of whom are also posting work on Writers Pad.

The result that all the serial participants gain from this is not some publishing contract or enquiry from an agent – although it has happened to three out of at least six Story Mint authors who are published – but the great satisfaction each one feels when their work is good enough to be published.

On Tuesday 1st Nov 2011 we published the start of our very first serial – The Third Shadow. By the time the serial was complete both Suraya and I began to see that having ten authors and trying to keep them all in sync with regard to genre and storyline was going to require a little stricter discipline. It was a little embarrassing to read the serial, not that any writer was particularly bad. We just went off in different directions and from a serious start to a thriller ended up with robots and green blood.

I am glad we have left the serial intact and out there for all to read. Compared to the serials that followed one can see how we progressed and improved. We need to push forward now that we have an increasing number of wonderful writers. With the advent of electronic publishing the opportunity to publish is greater now than ever before and my wish is to see the Story Mint start publishing collections of quality serials.

There are seven serials being booked. I urge you to join us, book a chapter, and enjoy writing.

Ray Stone

Publishing Manager


I became a better writer in terms of finding my own style from the challenge of writing different serials. Accepting that my first drafts were not good enough and redoing them was a lesson learned. Finding that not everyone likes what I write once it is in the public space is the biggest lesson learned. Letting go of a storyline once a serial has started as the creator of the preface is another massive lesson. That's it!
Those are pretty worthwhile and major achievements Ken. Well done!