The Twelve things Successful People Don’t Tolerate

The internet is full of lists covering every imaginable topic. They are ideal for distilling information into bite-sized chunks and work well on social media. They are also invaluable for reminding us to focus our energies on things that matter.

The ‘Twelve things Successful People Don’t Tolerate’ is, as the title suggests, a list that focuses on choices we make in the way we work and socialise.

There is one point that invariably appears on lists such as these and that is that wer should not have regrets. This is easy to say but harder to do. If we have lived a life that dares to venture from the safety of the familiar, we will inevitably have regrets (see point 8) barking at our heels. However, it is better to have something to look back on than an empty space we wished we had filled.

There will always people we want to please but the important ones are those who cheer us on (see point 5).

For every decision that feels right (see points 2 & 3) there is a flip side, that is the decision we did not make. We cannot change any of that but we can accept the decision we did make. In fact, to move forward means leaving some things behind and if we ignore the inner voice that tells us we must follow a dream we will be forever frustrated and wonder, ‘what if’. That, surely, is a fate none of us want.

This is the list below.

1. Dishonesty

Living an honest life allows you to be at peace with others and yourself. Dishonesty imposes a false reality on your life and those around you.

2. Boredom

Successful people are generally exploring something new. Life is too short for inactivity and staying in your comfort zone.

3. Mediocrity

It's easy, and a constant temptation, to settle for less. But what makes some people stand out is their willingness to make the hard choices that allow a life of greatness.

4. Negativity

Every negative thought keeps you from being your best. If you hear yourself complaining, out loud or to yourself, find a way to shut it down.

5. Toxicity

At work or at home, a toxic environment will literally make you sick. If it doesn't feel right, if it makes you tired or fills you with dread, cut yourself loose.

6. Disorganization

Clutter and disorder cause stress and affect your emotional and mental well-being. Get rid of what you don't need and keep everything else where it belongs.

7. Unhealthy anything

Unhealthy food, unhealthy relationship, unhealthy habits -- choose what you do wisely. Remind yourself that you deserve better, and then give yourself better.

8. Regrets

We all have regrets, but you can't move toward your future if you're dwelling on the past. Learn from it, right any wrongs where you can, and leave it behind.

9. Disrespect

Relationships are at the heart of success, and respect is at the heart of good relationships. Disrespect--whatever the form and whomever it's directed toward--is one of the most destructive forces you can harbor.

10. Distrust

Distrust often arrives through a succession of little compromises here and there, so be watchful. Focus on building your own integrity and surround yourself with others who do the same.

11. Anger

We all feel anger, and in its place it can move you to action. But holding onto anger is paralyzing and accomplishes nothing. Learn to direct anger toward problems, not people, and then get over it.

12. Control

Don't worry about the things you can't control. Focus your energy where it can do good, and learn to let go of the rest.

Pay attention to the difference between the things that are truly positive in your life and the things you just let happen.

You are sum of what you tolerate!


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