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Every writer belonging to The Story Mint aims for this destination.

These are the books that have gone through The Story Mint’s rigorous process of assessment, analysis and editing. But what do you think? Buy these books, read them and tell us if you agree with us when we say they stack up against the world’s best.


Our Second Anthology

'Everyone Has a Story, Anthology Two', is an anthology of collaboratively written stories by authors around the world. Every chapter is crafted by a writer who aims to eventually be a published author. In the stories you will meet incorrigible characters such as the manipulative Clarke in '640 Express' or Summer who is mysteriously abducted in 'The Assault'. In 'The Diary of Pearl Farrell', Pearl sails across the world to marry a clergyman she barely knows. The year is 1873. In 'Sweet Dreams' Kali stumbles upon a wounded Fawn who magically changes her life and lonely Chetna meets Dr. Batra in the gentle romance, 'Moonlight' and many more.Serial writing at The Story Mint gives writers with a global community of readers. Members give each other constructive feedback and inspire them to explore writing in many genres. They also develop editing skills and discover how to work with editors. Stylefit™, a self-directed writing coach, encourages them to benchmark their writing against the best in the world.At 5500 words each easy-to-read story is designed for on-the-go readers and those just wanting to relax with a good read.

Authors: Agunwa Chisom Cynthia (Nigeria) - Hemali Ajmera (India) - Linda Alley (Australia) - Gabrielle Burt (New Zealand) - Iliena Bosu (India) - Ken Burns (New Zealand) - Neil Churches (Australia) - Mat Clarke (Australia) - Kalli Deschamps (USA) - Suraya Dewing (New Zealand) - Jasmine Groves (New Zealand) - Joe Labrum (USA) - Sumanda Maritz (South Africa) - Donna McTavish (New Zealand) - Sameer Nagarajan (Sri Lanka) - Priya Rajvansh (India) - Leif Rennes (Scotland) - Greg Rochlin (Australia) - Tulika Saha (India) - Anthony Smits (Samos Island) - Ray Stone (Cyprus) - Rosemary Wakelin (Australia) - Anna Zhigareva (Scotland)


Our First Anthology

The Story Mint's first Anthology features 12 serials.  There are stories to make you laugh, take you on an historical journey or to vivdly imagined places. They are all here in this wonderful collection.

For example in 'Flight' we follow Air Hostess Lasiandra's journeys from one glamorous destination to another. There is just one problem...

'Bing. I inhale, sharply, rub my palms on my skirt. Raise hands to my hair and make sure it’s perfect. Pop go my lips, making my lipstick stick and click goes my seatbelt. Over the system “Ladies and Gentlemen the in-flight service is about to begin”.

Oh, how I love my job. I just wish I wasn’t petrified of flying.'...