Anthology 1

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Anthology 1

Book Review by Hemali Ajmera

Book Review


Everyone Has a Story – Anthology One


Being one of the authors of this Anthology, it is natural that I will be biased in my review of this book. However, I have tried to read this anthology as an ordinary reader would and have been as objective as possible in my assessment.

I joined The Story Mint rather recently hence many serials included in this book were completed much before I started. Thus this is the first time I had the opportunity to read the works of authors whose chapters have been included in the book. Each author’s individual style and language is reflected in his/her chapter, giving a very different expression to the chapter. Hence though the chapters flow seamlessly along a storyline, each author has lent his/her unique perspective to the story.

For me, the best serials (my favorites) in the anthology are undoubtedly the single author serial by Mr. Ray Stone, ‘A Bal Maid a Knocking’. I also thoroughly enjoyed ‘Missing Pieces’, a serial started by Rosemary Wakelin. What makes this book truly special is that the reader gets a chance to read outstanding work by authors from all over the globe, each contributing his or her own unique writing style.

Many of the authors in the book are novices and pursue writing just as a hobby. With their crisp editing, Ray and Sumanda have given a professional touch to their stories. Jasmine’s cover page effectively conveys The Story Mint’s philosophy, where budding writers get a chance to get their work published alongside established and seasoned writers.

There are many serials on The Story Mint which make a very interesting read and I hope Suraya will consider including them in the next anthology. Congratulations and thank you for a great read.