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Breaking the Code:


An international forum for writers to exchange knowledge and experiences with editors, social media experts, literary agents, indie/traditional publishers, and reviewers. Writers, learn how to make the transition from freshly published writer to financially successful author!

Our goal is to engage and inspire.


These are the sessions:

We open with a pre-recorded video message from New York based Founder and President of the successful international literary and film consultancy, Langtons International Agency. Linda Langton co-founded the highly successful Ink Company in Australia and New Zealand before moving to New York. She will answer your questions if you submit them to either or by the end of August.

Leave your questions  for Linda in the comment box below.

This is what we also have in store for you over this intensive weekend (subject to change):

  • Stylefit™ New technology that sharpens your creative edge.

  • Editing – Preparing for publication

  • Editing and Marketing

  • Traditional and Self Publishing (part 1 - discussion)

  • Traditional and Self Publishing (part 2 - Question Time)

  • Life Changing Publishing - Discussion with Joc Harewood, Author of Romper Stomper (movie & TV series).

  • How PR sells you and your book 

  • Personal brand and content reach 

  • Dialogue between literary agent, book promoter and author

  • Indie Publishing: Tools Indie writers have to promote their work 

  • How social media can work for writers

  • Capturing the ‘why’ - Writing content to engage

  • Writing dialogue - A discussion with a scriptwriter and director

  • Writing for Children

The following are workshops:

  • Developing your pitch to agents and publishers

  • Writing games and editing help from professionals

  • What to send in a query letter, and then once you are accepted what to send. And how to structure each area.

  • Editing nitty gritty, writing dialogue, mapping out characters 

  • How to craft a query letter /synopsis /bio.

The following is unconfirmed and will involve buying a separate ticket:

  • Three-minute pitch to Literary Agent / Publisher.

  • Sunday night dinner with a selection of hosts and creatives

Further details can be found on The Story Mint and World Writers Collective sites:


The Wheeler Centre is Melbourne’s place to be if you want to know what is what with writing. It is why we have gathered so many experienced people together in this wonderful space to bring you an amazing symposium over one weekend of intensive learning. If your brain does not hurt by the closing on Saturday, then knuckle down because we have so much more on Sunday.

We also have an exclusive Sunday dinner with many of the speakers you heard from over your time with us. This will give you time to wind down and chat with many great people who are excited about writing and publishing. This separate ticket sale will be released closer to August. Stay tuned.

A three-minute pitch session is being prepared for the second day (Sunday) as a separately ticketed event. However, it will only be available to if you have have bought tickets to the symposium. Planning for this is currently in its infancy. Once (if) it is confirmed we will release details straight away.

Please ensure you attend at least one of our workshops involving preparing your pitch so that you are ready for the big day in front of a literary agent /publisher.

The Q&A area about the symposium can be found on The Story Mint and World Writers Collective websites:

Included with your ticket purchase are year-long memberships to The Story Mint and World Writers Collective. These two memberships have enormous benefits to you as a writer and will save you cash and reward you with many writing and publishing benefits.

You’ll be added to our subscription list and receive exciting updates on writing, editing, and publishing as well as have the opportunity to become involved with many free offers, such as writing competitions and serial stories. Each of these comes with the fantastic opportunity of becoming published on either of the two separate websites.

Further Information is sent out via The Story Mint and World Writers Collective subscription emails as it comes to hand. Please subscribe via their websites.

You can also check here as well:

And remember, persistence in this enjoyable and difficult creative path will see you through.

This event is fully catered.