Chapter 10

Written by: Sumanda Maritz

“So Eric, how do you feel today?” Dr. Stanovich asked. It’s my final appointment with the doctor before my release from St Joseph’s Psychiatric Facility. Oh, I’ll still be seeing the doc for follow-ups, but today is the day I get to go home.

“Grateful, Doc, you’ve given me back my life.” And that is truly how I feel, both physically and mentally.

“And are you ready to go back outside now that Infection has been cured?” Dr. Stanovich asked with a gleam in his eyes.

“Yes, doctor! To think I experienced a Schizophrenic attack just because ‘extreme isolation and zero contact’ ended. They were such vivid hallucinations that I seriously thought all that was happening to me was real. Believe me, there is no way I’m going off my meds.” I never want to experience those horrors ever again.

“Well, in that case, I will make sure that your release papers get processed as soon as we are done with your physical exam.” Dr. Stanovich’s eyes now held a satisfaction that I believe is because of his success with my recovery. One last physical exam and I’m out of here. “If you’ll just take off your shirt.”

It was over before I could count to fifteen. “Eric, I’m very happy to tell you that the scars you got from scratching yourself will be completely invisible in another week or so. The nanotech we used has worked wonderfully for you.” Dr. Stanovich sounded very happy, just as I was. The faint scars left on my abdomen still distressed me if I looked at them.  Not that I’d tell the doc that, I wanted out more than ever. Even though Lillith only visited me twice during my stay, her happy smiling face has been the one thing that made me want to get better.  I’ve texted her and we are go for a Back-2-Normal coffee and movie date. I can’t wait to get out of here.


Case notes:

Subject has successfully been infused with the One. Number 158 has re-established our observation position. The programmed suggestions of multiple population exposure will make the altered infection more effective and efficient. Reintroduction of the subject into the new society will ensure success within weeks. The additional nanotech taken daily will keep the subject unaware of the One’s final transformation. We believe we have finally achieved our ultimate goal.

Dr Stanovich, A.H.


Dr. Stanovich opened the telepathic link received from Soldiers Martin. ‘Ultimate, we have an update for you on number 147. We might still have a resistance problem. It seems 147’s abnormal reaction was due to the last nanotech upgrade. At this time we need more data to ascertain if the upgrade was specifically altered.’

Dr. Stanovich thoughtfully stroked his chin while his mind processed this through his various bodies. ‘We don’t believe resistance will be a problem. He is the last element we needed. As from today, we are on countdown to final colonization.’

Sumanda Maritz (South Africa)


Okay, Sumanda. You have set yourself up for a solo author serial - to carry on from here. I think thats a great idea, don't you? This is so well ended but still open to be followed. I loved this.
Thanks for the vote of confidence Ray! I might just do so, but for now want to first finish a fantasy starter, another author only serial that I have planned and try to complete my book. Although this would be a great idea while I'm finishing my book and need a break or different perspective :)