Chapter 10

Written by: Diana Labrum

I find myself driving aimlessly. I feel short of breath and both chilled and clammy at the same time. I can’t believe the deception that Lucinda just admitted to. All of these years I have had a hell of a time trying to get over Maddy. It has affected every relationship I have had in the last 20 years. And now I find out that none of it was real, it was only a game.

Well, it was real to me at the time. I felt like I was totally in love with Maddy with an intensity of the first love that was like no other. And now I found out it was all a game that the twins were playing on me.

I felt as if I could not safely keep driving. I was too confused and needed to be able to think. I looked around and see a sign that says “Moms Pies, Tastes Like Grandma Used to Make”. I pull in and go inside and order coffee with cream and sugar. No Maddy to be the sweetness in my coffee.

I sit there and try to figure out who is who. Did I ever date Maddy or was it all Lucinda? I had always thought that Lucinda was the wild twin who smuggled vodka into the senior cruise. Was that really Lucinda or was it Maddy? Also, which of the twins really ended up in rehab? I felt confused and sick at heart. I had wasted way too many years pining over a lost teenage love and now I didn’t even know who it was I was pining for.

At college I met and fell in love with a sociology major named Amanda. She was cute and vivacious.  We had a lot in common. But I found that I couldn’t forget Maddy. Amanda finally broke up with me because she said I wasn’t available and to call her when I was. It hurt but I realized that she was right.

Two years ago I started dating again. Laura and I enjoy the same things and have many friends together but again Maddy was getting in the way and now I realize it wasn’t even Maddy.

I started thinking about who it was that I really had been in love with all of these years. Maddy or Lucinda had played games with my heart for their own fun. Lucinda had been driving under the influence, apparently a problem that both twins shared. Then Lucinda took responsibility for the crime and pleaded guilty but was trying to lie her way out of it. None of this sounded like my dream or the memory that I had loved all these years. I realized that the whole love affair had been a lie.

As I sipped my coffee I felt a huge weight lift off of my shoulders. Now I was ready to have a real relationship. I took out my phone to call Laura as I left the restaurant.


You have gathered up all the threads and brought the story to an excellent conclusion. What a neat way to end this story. Lucinda and Maddy have had the tables turned. Great work Diana.
Barry is such a dumb-ass. Good finish Diana.
Thank you Suraya. Gathering up the loose ends was fun and it was fun to take it to the conclusion that I wanted. Thank you Ken. It was great to get started on writing. I hope I will be able to contribute in the future.
Very nicely done Diana. You have managed a superb finish without squeezing in too much information or complicating things by stretching the back story. I liked the way you describe Barry's take on the whole affair and how very typically (just as a man would) he comes to terms with the situation at hand and decides to move on. No more sobbing or pining but a practical approach to get his life back on track. Loved it.
This really is a superb chapter both in the writing and especially the brilliant way you finished it up. It couldn't have been done better.
Thank you Hemali and Joe.