Chapter 10

Written by: Sumanda Maritz

“Why?” Vince managed as Rex pulled him up from the floor, shoved Vince into his office chair and held him there with brute fingers digging into his shoulders. Amy had the revolver pointed at Fiona.

“Well, Vince, the truth is, crime just happens to pay more than fighting it.” Rex’s voice was scarily nonchalant. “Your mistake was being at our house-cleaning on Sunday. It would have been another ordinary hit and run. Now, you just know too much.”

“But Valeri was the one that found the notebook!” Vince tried to argue.

“I didn’t think he would leave it at home. I thought I’d get it at the accident scene.” Frustration entered Rex’s voice for the first time.

“But why did Amy become my PA then? And why target Fiona?” those were the only things that bothered Vince.

“Insurance, old pal. To make sure Valeri didn’t contact you. Her husband was a private investigator who made the unfortunate connection.”

Vince glanced at Fiona where she was lying on the ground, held still by the sight of the barrel staring at her. Amy didn’t seem interested in the conversation; her face reflected only hatred and jealousy at the young girl lying in front of her. ‘Why was she jealous of Fiona?’ flitted through Vince’s thoughts.

A movement caught his eye from the secretarial pit. Someone was out there! He just had to keep their attention on himself. “Amy!” he nearly shouted, “Why do you hate Fiona?” He raised his voice to get attention.

Amy directed her gaze at Vince. “Because she had everything,” she whispered with a dead look in her eyes.


Valeri ducked down to avoid being seen. She heard enough to know that her daughter was in danger. With a small calibre handgun, she crawled to Rex's office door. She couldn’t see where anyone was located in the office, but she had no intention of leaving her daughter or ex-husband with that bitch, Amy.

She took a breath and shoved the door open. Widely aiming until she saw her target, Amy. Vince’s new PA swung around at the sound. Without hesitation, Valeri fired her gun reflexively at the woman threatening her daughter. Amy’s gun thundered as well, the first bullet hit Fiona in the thigh. The next raced toward Valeri and threw her backward.


Vince jerked as Rex ducked behind him the same moment that a sudden punch hit him in the shoulder. The silence was broken by Fiona’s keening. Amy was dead and Valeri was stretched out on the floor with a puddle of blood growing beneath her.

Rex got up and walked over to Amy, his pistol aimed at Vince in a gloved hand. “Now, this is unfortunate,” he said. Rex took Amy’s revolver and shot Vince in the chest. He turned and fired the revolver again straight into Fiona’s heart and dropped it next to Amy.

“Time to call it in,” Rex muttered to himself. He knew just how to handle the investigation on this one.


What a twist at the end. You brought the threads together and the people all turned out to be not as they seemed but this was convincingly done. Engaging writing as always and a great pace.