Chapter 4

Written by: Sumanda Maritz

Yogi came across an old folktale that seemed a perfect story to tell. He is sure that Charlotte will enjoy its wisdom, especially if he embellishes it just a bit. He walks into the house on Friday to find her waiting for him with a glass of wine in her hand.


In the very old days when travellers still walked from village to village, a traveller with a sour disposition headed towards a village. The dusty road was used more for shepherd trails. The young boy set to watch the sheep was curious since few travellers came to their little village. An old man sat outside the gates of the village to enjoy the sun.

The Sour Traveller walked up to the old man. After the old man had welcomed the scowling man with the slight sneer on his face, the Sour Traveller asked the old man a question.

“What can you tell me about the character of the people in the village?” he said with the minimum respect he could get away with. The old man looked at him for a few seconds and asked the Sour Traveller what he had thought of the previous village. The Sour Traveller launched into a tirade about how obnoxious, unfriendly and uncooperative the previous village was. The old man shrugged his shoulder and told the Sour Traveller that he would find this village to be very similar to the previous one. The boy listened to this and wondered.

Late afternoon another traveller arrived; even though he must have travelled far by foot, he was whistling with deep laughter lines on his face. The Happy Traveller gave the old man a big grin as he greeted him with respect. He, too, asked the old man the disposition of the people in the village. Again the old man asked the same question as he did with the Sour Traveller. The Happy Traveller was full of respect for the previous village with their accommodating behaviour and the happiness that he experienced there. The old man looked at this happy fellow and told him that he would find this village very similar. By now the shepherd boy was very confused.

The boy stopped at the old man as he herded the sheep back into town. “Granda, why did you tell both men the same thing? Our village is just a regular village.”

The old man grinned at the young boy. “Son, I told them both the absolute truth. The world you experience depends on how you look at it.”


Charlotte chokes on the sip of wine she just took. Almost snorting, she laughs as she handed Yogi his rent money back.


What can I say - another great addition to this surprising and colourful serial.
What a wonderful truth this story holds. Also beautifully crafted Sumanda