Chapter 7

Written by: Sumanda Maritz

The contents of the little girl’s box flashes through my mind again as Charlie and I walk back to my wedding day. Neither of us said a single thing since I stood up and started walking back. I know I’m going to have to make it up to her. 

To tell you the truth, I found the little girl just a little bit creepy. I suddenly realise that she reminds me of someone, not that I have a clue as to who that may be. I used to love daisies until that summer when I was six. I had picked one for my soon-to-be Aunt Candice, but she didn’t come to the party. Uncle Henry was mad for a bit and then he married Aunt Glenda. Aunt Glenda hates daisies.

I turn to Charlie as she opens the door. “I’m sorry…” and my voice gets stuck on the tears that I try my hardest to keep back. She looks at me with a mixture of confusion and worry. “Glo, I don’t understand why you panicked.” Just the fact that she uses her childhood pet name for me makes me feel guiltier than before. 

Taking the elevator back up to the suite I tell her about the crazy dream. As I get to the end of it Charlie is out of breath laughing. Tears stream down her face. You know what is seriously annoying? When you realise that your best friend’s reaction should have been yours. The first giggle that comes out surprises me, but I can’t stop it. The elevator door opens to show my highly agitated mother’s disapproving stare as the two of us clutch at each other to keep upright while we giggle and laugh so hard, I want to pee my pant(ie)s.

Using every single ounce of will power I stop giggling. Charlie still occasionally snorts with laughter. Mother deliberately turns her head away from Charlie. “Mercy Gloriana Beatrice Dunn, now is not the time to behave like a little spoilt brat.” 

“Mom, I’m sorry. I just don’t know what came over me.” Keeping things short and sweet is the best way to deal with mother. I see her relax and start to smile. “Honey, we found your shoes, little Bea is fascinated with them.” I’m happy the shoes are fine and after our laughing stint, I no longer think that the world ended with a pair of missing shoes.

It takes mother less than ten seconds to get both Charlie and me back in the prep room. Damage control is her speciality. Half an hour later we are back on schedule and the requisite fifteen minutes late is back on the menu.

We struggle into our dresses as the bomb breaks. In five minutes we will move to the waiting area to do the long walk down the aisle. Aunt Glenda bursts into the room “Vic’s not here!” her hoarse voice preventing a shout.


And on and on this great serial goes. When a group of writers get the collective 'feel' for a serial it takes on a life of its own and you wish it would go 'on and on.' Sumanda's chapter is a wonderful example of a writer really getting into the plot with nothing looking (reading) false. Reading this was almost like watching and listening to a conversation with the girls - a fly on the wall documentary. So natural. Terrific chapter, Sumanda.
What a perfect way to follow on from Donna. I loved the nuances. The people's other lives like Aunt Glenda who hates daisies. What a gorgeous touch adding many layers to the story. This is becoming an exceptional story with comedy and mystery...Where is Vic? for example and the little girl?
ho ho ho...what else can go wrong on this disaster- prone wedding day??
Dear me ! How is this going to end?
Great fun to read!