Chapter 8

Written by: Suraya Dewing

They are teetering on the edge of a huge crater. This is the site where the meteor landed and started spreading the infection. Lillith knows the antidote also lies within this smoking indentation in the earth. It is like a suppurating sore and Lillith reels from the odour it emits. Inwardly conflicting emotion do battle.

“Are you sure about this,” Eric asks as he sinks weakly to his knees and clings to the edge of the gaping hole.

“Yes, the antidote is here.”

Eric frowns and shakes his head, “No, about saving me.”

Lillith nods forcefully as she pulls him away, afraid he will fall. He rolls onto his back as he feels a Number One ease its way through his nose and down the back of his throat.

“Oh my god,” he groans. “This is the end of me.”

Lillith rushes to his side and kneels beside him, holding his head in her lap. She tells him, in a voice thick with fear, that they will find a way through this terrible ordeal. She looks to Martin, who is standing awkwardly nearby. He knows why they have chosen him to be their driver and he hates the mission that is his to now carry out.

Eric groans as Lillith’s icy blue eyes fix on him. He feels as though the Number One is multiplying inside him. It is his role, as Host, to breed and nourish many versions of multiplying Number Ones. Eric knows that as they eat him up they will then turn on each other and begin eating until the three victors emerge, their identical bodies, long blonde hair and blue eyes identifying them as twins of Number One and the med-bots that tend those ailing from the re-infection Stanovich masterminded.

Lillith put a hand on Eric’s cheek as he begins losing consciousness.

“Hurry Martin, you must go down and get the spores to mix with this liquid.” She holds up a flask with blue fluid swirling in it.

The lights of the Mercedes menacingly flash over them. Terror sends Martin scrambling down the crater’s side. The Mercedes is full of Stanovich’s men and they are after Eric so that the Number One’s can complete their process.

A spark of triumph flashes in Lillith’s eyes. No, that will not happen as she is one of the Bots and she is indestructible. Eric curls over in terrible pain.

“God, Lillith, save me.”

Lillith takes his hand in hers. She is meant not to have feelings….that is why Stanovich created the bots, but something inside makes her want Eric to live.

Martin scrambles up over the side of the crater and hands her a bag with some crater dust in it. Not far away and coming up the hill the lights of the Mercedes are cutting through the night. They flash over the blackened skeleton shapes of burnt trees. Lillith pours the dust into the flask and it starts to bubble.