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June 2017 Newsletter
The Story Mint Newsletter | June 2017
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Welcome to our June newsletter. We have a lot of exciting news to share with you this month.
Our crowdfunding campaign is set for launching at the beginning of August. It is taking shape, with exciting work going on in the background. We are particularly thrilled about a video that is being produced to showcase The Story Mint as a global company, connecting writers and readers around the world. Read more about this in the section below.
Did you know that 1 in 4 people in the world use English as their first or second language? This figure is quoted by David Crystal in his article Emerging Englishes. He, and other experts, also say that users of English as a Second Language now outnumber Native speakers/writers.
The English language is something of a magpie. Everywhere it goes it adopts local words. Over time those words become commonplace - patio for example, was originally Spanish for inner courtyard.
While colonisation helped spread English, I am sure this habit of adapting to the local lexical environment helped English become established globally. It is, without doubt, now widely regarded as the undisputed international language of business.
A special welcome to all our new writers. We love having you in our community. And thank you to all our writers and supporters for sharing our journey. You are truly amazing!
See you next month.
Meantime, keep an eye out for the launch of our crowdfunding campaign!

Suraya Dewing, Founder/CEO

Latest News

The planned crowdfunding campaign is a massive undertaking to raise funding to support our plans for growth. To achieve our target we are making the most compelling video imaginable...one that tells our story as a global community nurturing great writers.
But our story does not stop there any more. The Story Mint also provides innovative solutions to commercial organisations who want to strengthen their voice and align it to their brand, and educationalists who are looking for ways to inspire young learners to love writing.
The video will play a huge role in telling our story but we are also working hard on a document called the Information Memorandum (IM). This has meant that we have had to clarify why The Story Mint exists. Our community of writers are at the heart of The Story Mint and I look forward to that community growing in strength and number. Our dream for our writing community will always be that we connect writers with readers and, for those who want them, publishers. Our focus is to promote our writers using social media.
But now our vision has expanded to include disengaged learners who can discover the thrill of writing using stylecheck. Organisations also want to find ways to communicate effectively with their stakeholders.They want their audiences to understand what they are saying because they know that if they fail to communicate well one of their competitors will take their place.
The stylecheck links all our activities and allows us to offer a solution for individuals, organisations, students and educators, giving writers of all ages an opportunity to grow their skills and confidence.
The Story Mint can deliver all of this, which is very exciting, but we need development funding. It has never been more true that ideas are the future. Good ideas for social good are the way of the future.

What people are saying

From Rivan Maritz, 12 years old, South Africa.

I am 12 and I wrote my first story, it was thrilling, but also frightening! I mean, what if "they" don't like me and my talents? What if "they" mock me? I was too afraid to write the story, but then my mom helped me out with my problem. She let me loose on her laptop. She helped me with my freaky flaw - too scared to write my own story. She is my hero and my mom. I give thanks to Sumanda Maritz  for helping me to get it out there. It was amazing when she read the comments to me of what people said to me, thank you to everybody for the comments. I am Rivan Maritz and I am glad to be part of The Story Mint team. Come on chapter 10 of The Way Home, I'm bugging my mom weekly to find out when I can write the final on this serial!

p.s. Mom edited out all the extra exclamation marks

We want to thank Rivan for his feedback. We love his story Asteroid Investigation We recommend you have a read and if you are a member you can leave a comment which would be excellent. If other young writers would like to join him we could form a group.That'd be great frun.

Tell us what you think about our community of writers and concept, we'd love to hear from you.

Tell us what you think

Moving forward with...

Get your writing right with stylecheck so people read your writing.
Bruce Howat of My Future Rocks keeps a record of how many people read his weekly blogs. Every blog has to pass the stylecheck test. However, there is one he forgot to run through the stylecheck before he posted it. When he finally ran it through stylecheck, it landed off the grid.
The readership numbers for that blog reflect his oversight. See if you can see on this graph which it was.

Suraya will be at the Manawatu Writers Festival demonstrating stylecheck.
Celebrating writing bringing communities together.                                 
                   In  Feilding.


See the line-up on their official website:
Manawatu Writers’ Festival.co.nz 
Go to their Facebook page.
Email contact: manawatuwritersfestival@inspire.net.nz 
Tell us your stories
We encourage you to let us know about your successes. Your success gives us heart and motivates us towards achieving our writing goals. If you can do it we know we can too.


What's been happening in the Serials this month? 

The Story Mint serials are created by writers from all over the world. It's an active community that provides support and encouragement for new and experienced writers so don't hesitate to contact Donna, Suraya or Anna if you've hit a speed bump with your chapter. We love to work with you.

June has been a quiet month with new chapters for Josephine, Mirror, Mirror and Starting Over. All are worth a read.
As always, there are several Serials waiting for a new chapter. Remember, if you have a chapter to write then someone is waiting for you to finish yours so they can start writing so try not to leave it too long!

Donna McTavish, Serials Manager.

Serials to Book
Liberation by Linda Alley is set in war time London. A man feigning a limp picks up an umbrella and retrieves a piece of paper. There is some fabulous detail like a French copy of A Tale of Two  CitiesJust three chapters to go until this story can get started.
Encounter by Joe Labrum. What is the ball of light filling eleven year old Roland's room. Three chapters to go.
Nestor, Lester and Esther by Ken Burns. Does their Dad really like the new teacher? Four chapters left.
Crack in the Ceiling by Iliena Bosu. Now, why is it important that we know that the narrator likes milky tea? Let your imaginations run wild. Seven chapters to book.
NXT Flight by Jasmine Groves. The last serial was hugely successful and hilarious. What mischief can Lasiandra get up to? Four chapters to book and this story will be ready to go.
Welcome to Halloween by Rosemary Wakelin. We'd love to see this serial filled with vampires and goblins and horrible children and parents. It could be soooo spooky! Three chapters left.
Retribution 2 by Jasmine Groves. This has the makings of a Game of Thrones. If writers really get into it we could make it into a longer story.  Three chapters left including the first and last ones! 

If you write a serial chapter you are giving future readers of your writing an opportunity to read your work and to follow you like a beacon into the night..

Serials underway
Lawnmarket has taken a turn into the shadowed world of witchcraft in the mid 17th century.
Time Travel meet Patty and George Harrison in the most unexpected way. Anything is possible in this serial especially without controls to guide the time travel machine.
d.a.d.s. Has a storm let our somewhat muddled driving instructor off the hook?
Storm  Angelica is grieving for Dr Nolan and her loss seems to have taken from her all hope until she realises the end of the road is often simply a bend.
Josephine This is turning into a gorgeous historical romance. What will the Marquis do when he discovers his General has Dame Annise Yves d'Aquitaine. This story is is compelling. There's a new chapter to read this month.
Mirror Mirror Alice has fallen through the mirror in a tangle of brambles and long skirt. Find out where she's landed in the new chapter this month.
Rest in Peace The Nurse has pricked her finger with the pin and blood is spilt. What come from the seemingly harmless action?
It was a Game Samantha is high and dry in the city and Jeremy will have to come and collect her. What will happen meantime?
Sailing Kurt looks up and sees his boat's anchor floating above him....then....
Captive  In a line that takes the story back to the start Leandra's father confesses he has a story to tell her about her mother.
The Way Home This is a lovely tender story about friends facing danger together.
Ghost Ship  Greg cleverly introduces the idea that Sal and Squiddly are ghosts. This allows the story to cover a wide range of time periods. It is an excellent device.

Author only serials
Starting Over This is a new single Author serial by Ray Stone. It is skillfully crafted. Conflagration has struck the Southern United States and and our narrator is left to 'start over'. It is dramatic and atmospheric and there is a new chapter this month!
Fairy Blessings by Sumanda Maritz is a journey into a world where blessings by Fairies can change a village's fortunes. This story has magical energy.

Who to send your starters and chapters to.
If you have a starter send it to suraya@thestorymint.com
If you've written a chapter send it to
Chapters for 
The Assault go to Anna Zhigareva  E.  annazhigareva@yahoo.co.uk

If we are to consider a serial for the next Anthology each writer needs to .
1. Make sure the chapters follow logically.
2. Make sure the chapter lands on the stylecheck
3. Make sure the chapter leaves the story open for the next writer to follow a thread. The last chapter is the only exception.

If you have a starter you would like us to consider, send it to suraya@thestorymint.com.

Up to 500 words and not less than 450 words. Any genre except erotica.

Fabulous reading from the Writers' Pad

You can store your writing on the Writers' Pad and it does not become public until you tick the publish box.

There is some really exciting new stories on the Writers' Pad this month.

Asteroid Investigation is by Rivan (12 years old) from South Africa. It is about an expedition to the Himalayas to investigate a rare Asteroid. Professor Thomas Lee is an archaeologist and the perfect man to lead the expedition's team of experts. It's a fabulous story. Rivan is Sumanda's son.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we got a group of young people contributing and taking part in writing stories and putting them on the Writers' Pad? That would be magic.

A Fold in Time by Ray Stone
This story starts with: Zak removed the small circuit board from the nerve responder, a square-shaped white jelly-like substance, with a special tweezer tool. Hundreds of thin white strands ran in all directions from the responder, through the soft white substitute flesh.
Benjamin is in captivity in a robot making factory. But these robots are like humans. Meanwhile his family are looking for him in a dystopian world.

Tomorrow's World by Ray Stone.
This follows on from A Fold in Time. The world is in disarray and Benjamin's family are looking for him. The story becomes darker and stark. Survival is a struggle and the need to find Benjamin gives them a reason to go on.

Use the Writers' Pad to test reaction to your story. We don't edit these stories but please remember our policy of no erotica.

This month's Chapter Writer winner is Iliena Bosu


Ilena's chapter (number 4) for the serial 'Josephine' is quietly enthralling. The dialogue between Dame Annise Yves d’Aquitaine (also known as Josephine) and the dashing General perfectly captures the formality and tension between these two characters.The chapter leaves Josephine facing a dilemma, and the General about to discover a mystery and there is. Lovely writing. Well done Iliena.

A chat about books

This book review appeared in Flaxroots Productions website. http://www.flaxroots.com/flaxflower
The purpose of this website, run by author Dr. Bronwyn Elsmore, is to promote new books by New Zealand authors.

An important story


Orphanage Boys
by A.N. Arthur

I have often wondered why we have such a high rate of child abuse in this country and I am sure stories like Orphanage Boys provide part of the answer.
    While our country is over 700 years old our histories largely record the last 250. This focuses us on settlement by Europeans and how those early settlers adjusted to an unfamiliar environment. Now that the stories are coming out we are discovering that it was pretty tough going. Orphanage Boys is just one example of how tough it must have been. The events are disturbing but if we are never told about them we will never know the true nature of this country and its people.
    Orphanage Boys had me absorbed from the moment I read the first paragraph. We immediately knew there was something going on that was about to change Jimmy and Samuel’s lives. As the circumstances unfolded these suspicions were tragically confirmed. These events led to big changes for the two boys.
     As a reader, I experienced a sense of impending doom when Fraser, unable to care for the two boys, put them into care at Stoke Orphanage. Then he went off to find work and never returned, not entirely due to his own fault, although one wonders why he did not make more of an effort to connect with the boys. Read more

Review by: Suraya Dewing
The Story Mint www.thestorymint.com
Title: Orphanage Boys
Author: A.N. Arthur
Publisher: Rangitawa Publishing
ISBN: 9780994138217
RRP: Amazon $38 incl. postage: $30 via facebook
Available: Amazon; or via AN Arthur
https://www.anarthur.com/ or Facebook www.facebook.com/an.arthur.3

Blogs across the Spectrum

We recommend the blogs on our website.

This month we have a short blog from Suraya.

A writing teacher of mine once said that if you start a story with a high level of tension it is difficult to maintain the tension or to bring it down.
Here’s an example, “Get out of the way, you moron!”
What will the next speaker say? Perhaps something like, “How dare you speak to me like that?”
And so the screaming will go on with abuse going back and forth taking the story nowhere and driving the reader mad.
When a writer sets a high level of tension at the start of a story it is really difficult to introduce lower levels of narrative. It also means the reader gets no moment to consider what he or she has just rest. It makes for exhausting reading. The reaction you most likely will get is that the reader will decide it is all taking too much effort and stop reading.
The moral of this story is: start quietly and give your reader time to meet your characters. Give them time to get to know them, their situations and who they like or hate.
Read other blogs at http://www.thestorymint.com/blog

Writing Tips!

Rosemary Wakelin is one of The Story Mint's successful published authors. She says that one of the most helpful books she has at her finger tips is The Emotion Thesaurus.
We have asked her to summarize its advice for you. Here is another in her series about expressing emotions.


  • Fluid, liquid movements
  • Eyes that shimmer, glisten, dance
  • Swaying arms while walking
  • Pivoting on heels
  • Behaving frivolously, flippantly
  • Stepping lightly, nimbly. skipping
  • Slow, catlike stretches
  • Swinging or tapping one’s foot in rhythm
  • Moving to music
  • Displays of affection
  • Difficulty keeping still, fidgety.


  • Heat spreading through one’s chest
  • A sense of lightness in their movements
  • Tingling fingers
  • Breathlessness


  • Being contented
  • Displaying patience
  • Having a positive outlook
  • Wanting to spread joy
  • Wanting to be with loved ones
  • Desire to help others

Maintaining character journals can help you keep a track of your character’s physical looks, such as hair and eye colour, their clothing choices, the way they speak, move etc. This provides consistency from the start to the end of your book.

If you have any websites you’d like to recommend send us the link.

Writing Meetup this month

International Writers Groups
Melbourne http://www.meetup.com/The-Melbourne-Writers-Meetup-Group/
New Zealand http://authors.org.nz/writers-resources/writing-groups/
USA http://writersrelief.com/writers-associations-organizations/
New Delhi http://www.meetup.com/Delhi-Aspiring-Writers/
London http://www.meetup.com/londonwriterscafe/

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