Serials Chapters 8-10 (guidelines)

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Serials Chapters 8-10 (guidelines)

As a guide the last three chapters are moving the story to its conclusion. Therefore, introducing new characters or story lines is not advisable. There is no room left for that.

I hope these guidelines will help.


Chapter 8            Concentrate on extending what is already within the story line. It may be appropriate for the story to reach its climax if that hasn’t already happened. If it has then concentrate on describing how the characters react to that event. However, leave loose ends for the next writer

Chapter 9            Concentrate on describing one aspect of the fall-out from the climactic event and again leave enough hanging in the air for the next writer to work with

Chapter 10          Concentrate on bringing the story to a close. If you don’t want to explain everything that’s fine, leave it open ended for the reader to imagine his or her own ending but don’t just stop because you have run out of things to say or used up your work count. Even if everything is not tied up the way you end the story has to make sense to the reader.

Thanks again for being such an important part of The Story Mint. We look forward to reading your chapter.