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Pep talks

There's one place all of us have been.  That pit of despair where you don't think you'll ever be able to finish your masterpiece. Share your woes and let us help you out of that pit.

The need to start transcribing

I have written so many pages, so many different formats, stories with no end. All has been done in handwriting, dating back at least 15 years ago. Yep, it's old stuff. The woe is for me to actually take those stories and transcribe them into a word document, letting them unravel what could be different interesting novels; possibly series. I've outlined characters, storylines etc. Although just thinking about taking all that and typing it up, I guess there should be 30 hours in a day! I seem to get inspired during the times that calls for sleep, I lay awake, promising myself that I'll get around to it. But of course, I never do. It's always, one day... one day I will. If I keep that up, one day will probably end up being 10 years from now; I said the same thing when I started those stories several years back.

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