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Need some facts and don't want to slog through google?  Ask our resident experts, i.e. your fellow writers for some help.

Greek Mythology

Anyone know of a good (fairly easily understood) website dealing with Greek Mythology?

Which part of Greek Mythology?

There's a huge number of sites, some directed at high sch age. A Google search will, in this case, bring up plenty - so since that obviously hasn't given you what you want, can you expand on what you're trying to learn or discover, and I may be able to assist better.

For now...

something that gives me a list of all the Greek Gods and their main attributes would be great. Once I've got that I'll know what to google if I want more info on a specific god.

Ye Gods...

Need more than this?

THere's a link to most Gods listed that gives individual details.

That's cool

This is perfect, thanks :)

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