NXT Flight (Single author)

Written by: Jasmine Groves

Thwack, thwack sounded as sneakers met pads. Lasiandra was completely impervious as her finger wildly tapped at the screen of her mobile device, words racing across the screen.

Shiny blond hair fluffed forward partially covering her face, but not quite blocking out her sparkling bright blue eyes. Getting a date with the NBA basketball player was the only thought filling her mind.

“Lasiandra, unless you want to work as a member of a crew on a cruise ship, I recommend you re-join us now in the present.” Snickers followed Drill Sergeant Gary’s attempt at getting her attention.

Her lips were tightly closed waiting for the happy return beep to tell her if a NBA Superstar would be whisking her off for a romantic dinner. She was counting the seconds, nail tapping impatiently. Eureka, you have mail!

“Lasiandra! I’m serious; get over here and finish this drill or forget about getting your wings back.”

Lasiandra hesitated, trying to decide whether or not to message Trent back and let him know it was all go for tonight, or to acknowledge Drill Sergeant Gary and hustle her tosh over to get the drills under way.

Always confident, she looked like a cherub with her head tilted to one side, waving blonde hair falling like a halo and a deeply thoughtful look on her face. Clad head to toe in faux velvet track pants and sweatshirt with neon pink blazoned across her perky breast with the words ‘rebel’.

The adventures of the last few months meant she had lost a little of her curvaceous figure, giving her a slightly more girlish appearance. This didn’t for a minute hide her more than slightly mischievous nature.

Raising her shoulders in a deep sigh, Lasiandra contemplated the room, in particular Drill Sergeant Gary in his too short brown running shorts, plaid orange and yellow polo and what was he thinking with his socks pulled up like that.

Smiling, Lasiandra’s thoughts drifted. Actually, how can someone so fashion clueless be in the position to get them all into shape to fly the world smiling and saving travellers wherever they may go?

In actual fact  Drill Sergeant, Gary was so underwhelming, maybe she could just take a second and drop a quick message to Trent. After all, it was good manners and her mother had always told her how important they were.

Drawing her phone from her pocket, fingers itching to send a reply, the feeling of breath against her cheek startled her. But not as much as the blood curdling “Lasiandra” that emanated from Gary’s lips straight into her ear.

The phone slipped from her hand as she, startled, watched it flip in slow motion, hit the wooden floor of the gym and bounce once, tilted on its side and then ploughed over again. Her heart broke at the precise second she heard the screen crack.

Before she could reach over and grab it from the floor, old fuddy Drill Sergeant delivered a firm kick and it skidded across the floor out of reach.

Her dream of a wee fluoro mini dress, turquoise feathered earrings and a sophisticated up-do to impress Trent vanished before her.

She sighed again as she resigned herself to the fact that there was no escaping drills.

With her signature killer smile, a shrug of shoulders for confidence and a light hand tweaking over hair to straighten it, she lifted her clear blue eyes, batted her lashes and said, “Sorry, Gary, I didn’t hear you.”


Great to see another author writing a one author serial, Jasmine. Congratulations. Getting to know the characters and what they look like - Perky breasts and too short brown running shorts - by the time we read dialogue and put the two aspects of their make-up together we are getting a picture. This is a wonderful opening chapter that pulls the reader in and I will most certainly look forward to reading the chapters as they appear. Great stuff, Jasmine.