About the Team

The Story Mint was officially launched on Monday 16th April 2012.


Suraya Dewing

Suraya Dewing,  CEO and Founder

Suraya Dewing created the unique technology, Stylefit.
Until she entered Auckland University in 2008 as a post graduate student, she had worked in various leadership roles in industries that spanned public relations, information technology, environmental care and broadcasting. She had applied to enrol in a Master of Creative Writing (MCW) degree but was turned down so enrolled in a BA Honours degree instead, hoping this would lead to acceptance into the MCW which it did.
During her MCW year she wrote several drafts of 'Bend with the Wind' (pub 2015).

After she graduated she continued working on her novel, while also setting up The Story Mint.
Determined to take full advantage of the many opportunities disruption in the publishing industry presented, Suraya entered Massey University’s e-centre in 2011 and began setting up a global business that brought writers together. The Stylefit is integral to their development as writers. Stylefit is a self-directed learning technology and nothing is ever published in the serial section of The Story Mint unless it has passed the Stylefit test.
Writers from all over the world now use Stylefit and consistently swear it makes a huge difference to the quality of their work.
Since setting up The Story Mint, Suraya has introduced Stylefit to schools and the commercial sector.
She is also author of a book of short stories, titled 'Voices' published in 2017

She writes regular blogs which are posted on http://www.thestorymint.com/blog. These cover topics about the future of publishing, writing, business and technology.

Suraya Dewing LinkedIn  Email: suraya@thestorymint.com


Bruce Howat

Bruce Howat,  Business Manager

Bruce has a long history in Tertiary Education and Trade Training.  He was Chair of World Skills New Zealand.  Bruce is running the business growth and commercialisation for The Story Mint, establishing the company’s presence in schools.  He sees The Story Mint becoming a significant influence in creating future great writers.

Bruce Howat LinkedIn



Donna McTavish

Donna McTavish, General Manager, Editorial

When I heard about The Story Mint, I knew, that it was something I needed to know more about.

I didn’t know that medical writing was a job until I arrived in New Zealand and an advertisement in The NZ Herald caught my eye. The opportunity to combine my degree in physiology and pharmacology with writing, and be paid to do it, was more of a gift than a job. 
I left medical writing and became a business writer. I’ve learned that reading constantly and indiscriminately is the fuel I need to write because there is so much to be learned from other writers. I’ve learned to never shirk from that one last re-write and to use fewer words, not more.

In a busy life, there are always excuses not to write but for me, writing Serials for The Story Mint is a commitment that forces me to exercise my writing muscles when I least feel like using them. Some days it’s hard graft, other days less so, but writing every day is what it takes to be better and I will always be grateful to Suraya and The Story Mint crew for creating an environment where writers can grow.


Hemali Ajmera, Manager, India

A Sports Nutritionist by profession, Hemali Ajmera is an Indian-Canadian presently living in Ahmedabad, India. Married with three children, she is very passionate about reading, cooking, and traveling. Always eager to learn new things, she keeps herself busy with a multitude of activities.  

Period novels and autobiographies are her favourite. Though previously she had written scientific articles for magazines and journals related to her profession, she started dabbling with creative writing on ‘The Storymint’ a few years ago. Interestingly it now takes precedence over her other hobbies! Currently she is writing a light-hearted book on her experiences (misadventures) as a nutritionist.

She is also an active Rotarian and Director of a NGO, namely, ‘Wings To Fly’. She has spearheaded many social projects, working for the social and economic empowerment of underprivileged and disadvantaged women.


Lief Rennes

Leif Rennes, (NZ) Technical Analyst

Leif studied both Physics and Philosophy as an undergraduate. He has a Master’s degree in Philosophy and manages the technical and analytical aspects of The Story Mint. He utilizes his critical thinking, technical knowledge and well developed communication skills (oral written and listening) to aid The Story Mint wherever possible.



Flo Ginsburg

Flo Ginsburg, (USA) Editor

Flo has edited technical manuals for CDC, Los Angeles and Physicians Office Computer (POC), Compton, California, essays for students at the California State College (Cal State LA) and various pieces of fiction.